Rover Central of Oklahoma City

Rover Central of Oklahoma City is a prestige Land Rover service and repair facility in the heart of downtown. They approached us looking for a brand-new web presence. Here’s how we did it.
Rover Central Branding

It all started with branding

When Rover Central came to us, they had no true branding. We thought we’d go ahead and change that. Kysites developed a logo, color palette and typography scheme that both paid homage to the storied past of Land Rover and that gave Rover Central a personality of its own.

Then, we turned our attention to the website design

In accordance with those new branding guidelines, we built Rover Central a website unlike any other. We also did quite a bit of copywriting, to explain the value proposition they have over the local Land Rover dealership.

Icons, icons everywhere!

and none of them out of place

Details that surprise and delight

In addition to the icons, the Rover Central site is decorated with custom graphics and animations that represent the Land Rover brand. These help customers to visualize exactly the kind of Land Rover expertise that Rover Central has…before they ever place a call or step foot in the door.

But don't just take our word for it