Motrolix is a media conglomerate that owns and manages the high-traffic Ford Authority and GM Authority sites, each with a large readership. In addition to routine maintenance and tweaks, Motrolix often needs complex custom solutions within the Wordpress ecosystem, and that’s where Kysites comes in.
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Link Finder

Motrolix staff writers spent significant amounts of time searching for internal links to insert into their articles. Yet, these links were necessary for SEO and ad revenue purposes. At their behest, Kysites developed a “Link Finder” plugin for them, allowing them to quickly search for any content on the site and insert a link to that content directly into an article.

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Combo-Categories Generator

Another problem Motrolix faced is that its writers often wanted to write content relevant to two categories (e.g. “Carroll Shelby” and “Mustang”). They then wanted to display and/or link to content relevant to those categories. This functionality is not built into WordPress by default. Enter Kysites, who handcrafted a solution that lets Motrolix writers display a feed of “combined category” posts , and to link to an archive of every relevant article for those combined categories.

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Document Viewer

As part of Motrolix’s ongoing commitment to feed up-to-date information to its user base, its editors saw the need to publish recall and defect campaign data from the manufacturers. The campaign data comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in the form of pre-formatted PDFs. 

Motrolix editors found a service that would convert these NHTSA PDFs into honest HTML representations, and then display them on the site. The HTML would enhance SEO, allowing readers to more-easily find the content. Kysites built a “document viewer” within each of the flagship Motrolix sites. A simple shortcode embedded into any post or page displays the campaign document in its natural form, and gives the reader the ability to pan and zoom, for a closer look.