Wordpress is an incredibly powerful ecosystem, supporting millions of sites since 2001. There’s quite a bit of it that can be managed by non-experts and end users. But when your needs start to get complicated and you need functionality not readily available, give us a shout. Kysites is your Wordpress guru.

Kysites' WordPress Services include:


When you want a custom template for your WordPress site, rather than an off-the-shelf look, Kysites is here. We can expand on an existing vision you have, or craft a brand-new one from scratch.


Plugins are the standard way of expanding WordPress’s default functionality. But sometimes, the plugin you need simply doesn’t exist. That’s a great time to reach out to Kysites; we’ll hand-build it for you.


While plenty of external services integrate with WordPress, plenty of others don’t. When you find an integration you need is in that later category, contact Kysites.

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Kysites + You = Let's make beautiful things together